How to Convert Sum of Non-Marriage to the Sum of Marriage?

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How to Convert Sum of Non-Marriage to the Sum of Marriage?

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The absence of marriage yoga in the horoscope can put that person and his family member in trouble. But there is no need to worry. We are saying this because with the help of marriage astrology, many people have got the solution of their marriage problem.

Marriage Yoga in Kundli

According to the horoscope, there was no yoga of marriage in his horoscope and even if there was a marriage, the result would have been very dire. She knew about these negative Yogas in her Kundli which were going to create obstacles in marriage and also performed various rituals to end them, but to no avail.

Here are some negative factors

  • Parents have a distinct impact on their child. But there are instances when sometimes this effect goes beyond a certain point. As a result, some incidents have become so bad that it is very difficult to repair them later. Apart from the astrological factor, there are also some other factors, which you can read below with examples.
  • The young woman was a qualified working woman who was well employed in her life. She wanted to marry someone who is from her office and earns more than her.
  • But there was a controlled delay in her marriage because of her aspirations by consulting vashikaran specialist baba ji.
  • A caring family gradually lost all possibilities of marriage.

In-depth study of horoscope

Moon (mother), Sun (father) and Mars (brother) are the planets responsible for marriage in the horoscope. If these three do not have any negative effect on the sense of your marriage, then the negative yoga of marriage is not active and powerful, then the person is married on time. Along with this, it is also necessary to assess the different divisional charts for love marriage problem.

Simple Solutions and Advice

  • Don’t bother looking for a bridesmaid in your city for your own convenience.
  • Do not involve your brother in the marriage conversation; This is not their job.
  • Do not involve your parents in this search otherwise marriage problem may arise.
  • Before going ahead with the talk of marriage, get the horoscope matched properly.
  • And you should not think that Kundli matching is a waste of money for you.

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