What should be the Ideal House According to Vastu?

What should be the Ideal House According to Vastu

What should be the Ideal House According to Vastu?

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According to Vastu, while building a house, it is necessary to take care of some things so that there will be happiness in the lives of the people of the family. It is said that if the Vastu of the house or office is bad, then the person can never progress and negative energy always remains in the house. Therefore, special care should be taken of Vastu in the construction of any building. Not only this, it should also be known which thing should be kept in which direction in the house. Know the right direction to keep everything according to astrologer in india.

North Direction: This direction is considered to be of Kuber, the god of wealth, and the lord of this direction is the planet Mercury. According to Vastu, many things should not be kept in this direction. Keeping a safe in this direction is considered best. Also, there should be maximum number of windows and doors in the north direction.

South direction: Toilet should not be located in this direction. Also, no heavy items should also be kept in this direction. There should also be no windows and doors in this direction. This increases the trouble in the house.

East Direction: According to astrology consultancy this direction should be open. It is very good to have the main gate of the house in this direction. There should be a window in this direction so that enough sunlight can come into the house. The lord of this direction is Sun God.

West direction: Kitchen and toilet should be in this direction. The lord of this direction is Shani Dev. Keep in mind that kitchen and toilet should not be adjacent.

Northeast: This is the north-east direction. It is considered very auspicious to have a house of worship in this direction. The planet Jupiter is the lord of this direction. In this direction, water related things like wells, boring or drinking water can be made.

Igneous angle: This is the southeast direction. In this direction, gas, electronic goods etc. can be kept.

Southwest angle: This is the south-west direction. The lords of this direction are Rahu and Ketu. There should be no windows or doors in this direction. It is considered auspicious to have the room of the head of the house in the southeast corner.

Vyavya angle: This is the north-west direction of the house. Bedrooms, garages, cowsheds, guest rooms etc. can be built in this direction. The ruling planet of this direction is Moon. It is also considered good to have a window, light in this direction.

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