Know Some Facts About The Horoscope Of Women

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Know Some Facts About The Horoscope Of Women

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According to astrology consultancy service, while narrating the results of a person’s horoscope, one must consider his being a man and a woman. Being the same planets, sometimes its results are different for men and women. Let us know some general rules from which it becomes clear that how the planets present in the horoscope of a woman affect her.

The husband of a woman in whose horoscope the Ascendant is of variable sign always travels abroad or lives in other countries. If there is Saturn in the seventh house in a woman’s horoscope and a malefic planet has a vision on her, then there are many obstacles in marriage. If Mercury and Saturn are in the seventh house in a woman’s horoscope, then the husband is unable to produce children. Saturn sitting in the eighth house of a woman’s horoscope is inauspicious for her husband. If Mercury and Venus are in the ascendant in the horoscope of the woman, then the husband is found to be very loving. If there are inauspicious planets in the seventh house, then the husband is cruel, poor and cunning. If there is an auspicious planet in the seventh house, then one gets a beautiful, prudent, highly educated husband. If Saturn and Sun are in the seventh house, then her husband leaves. If you want to get more information then consult astrologer in india.

If a woman has Mars in the seventh horoscope and there is a vision of other sinful planets, then she becomes a widow soon. If the seventh lord is in the eighth and the eighth lord is in the seventh, the husband dies within a few months of marriage. If a malefic planet is sitting in an enemy sign in the eighth house and the Mahadasha of that planet is going on, then one becomes a widow. If there is a malefic planet in the ascendant and seventh, the sum of the death of the husband is formed after seven years of marriage. If an inauspicious planet is in its debilitated sign or in the second, seventh or eighth house in the enemy sign, then the husband dies first. The Sun in the eighth house in a woman’s horoscope indicates the untimely death of her husband.