Removes Mental Problems ‘White Hakik’

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Removes Mental Problems ‘White Hakik’

Vastu shastra Oct 15, 2021 No Comments

Hakik is found in many colors according to the place of its occurrence, but out of these, white hakik is related to the moon. Which has a direct effect on strengthening the Moon. According to numerology, people who have radix number 2 are advised to wear white hakik. Similarly, in Vedic astrology, white hakik is worn to strengthen the moon.

Moon is related to mind and brain, so people who are not mentally strong, who start worrying over small things. Those whose mind is not stable, those who do not feel like doing any work, they must wear white Hakik. For complete success, people with education, business, foreign trade or work related to the moon should wear white hakik in a ring or wear its garland.

Let’s know more benefits of white huskies

White Hakik calms the mind and maintains mental balance. Those who are mentally disturbed should wear white hakik garland.

According to astrology consultancy, the natives of Radix 2 should wear a white Hakik garland on the full moon day. Moon is also related to money. If you are struggling with lack of money, then surely you may also have mental pain. White huskies calms the mind, due to which your full focus is on your work, you think well, so your attachment towards earning money also increases. Students and people associated with the education sector should wear white Hakik garland. Due to this the brain becomes fertile and special success is achieved. Highly emotional people are advised to wear white huskies so that they can control their emotions.

Many times a person gets caught in such a vortex in relationships from which it is difficult for him to get out. Such people are dressed in white huskies. Wearing white Hakik removes all the defects related to Moon. When Moon is weak, there are diseases related to respiration, phlegm, lungs, kidney and intestines. Wearing white hakik strengthens the moon and protects against all these diseases. White huskies also give benefits in love affairs. If you are weak in matters related to love problem solution, then wear white hakik.