What Will Be the Benefit Of Kundli Matching After Marriage

What Will Be the Benefit Of Kundli Matching After Marriage

What Will Be the Benefit Of Kundli Matching After Marriage

Marriage problems Oct 15, 2021 No Comments

Many times the horoscopes of birth are not matched in the form which is important from the astrological point of view. Mere matching of qualities is not enough for marriage. In such a situation, if you do not want lack of happiness in your married life, then matching the horoscope before marriage proves to be very beneficial.

Why are strangers still living under one roof?

After marriage, the decrease in the happiness of marital relations is not found even while living in one place, then the main reason for this is that the seventh house of the horoscope is under the influence of sin or the relationship of the seventh house with the Vyesh is going to affect the happiness of the bed. There are many such remedies in astrology, which can prove to be helpful in providing happiness in marital relations by removing all these bad effects. Therefore, any problem that occurs after marriage can be solved by astrological advice.

Why could not stay together even after marriage? Why is there a distance?

If the seventh house and its ruler is having a relationship with any sinful planet in the horoscope, or if the lord of the seventh house is set affected by the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, then even after marriage, the husband and wife For some reason or the other, distance starts growing in the relationship. In such a situation, if post marriage counseling is adopted, then it can be possible to avoid all these difficulties.

Can divorce be stopped?

According to astrology consultancy sometimes it happens that one person may want to get divorced, but the other is just the opposite. There is a high chance that the one who wants to prevent the divorce makes every effort on his/her side. In such a situation, it is very helpful in astrology to understand which planet is affecting the marriage badly and if its remedy is taken in time, then a situation like divorce can be easily avoided. Astrology is the only means by which happiness of married life can be achieved.

How post marriage counseling can improve my married life

Many times the tension in married life increases so much that both the partners start making up the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčseparation or sometimes this situation can be more than one side and the other person may wish for reconciliation. There are many such reasons in married life due to which it becomes difficult to spend life together. In such a situation, post marriage counseling can become a great option by consulting powerful vashikaran specialist.

What can cause separation and distance in married life due to Saturn.

When Saturn has a vision on the marriage house in the horoscope or the Sun-Ketu conjunction forms a relationship, then due to this, the happiness of married life is less and separation or distance starts coming in the relationship. In such a situation, to get rid of this problem, if the horoscope is matched properly before marriage, then it can be possible to get rid of these problems.

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