How to handle the issues of Love Marriage?

how to handle lovemarriage problems

How to handle the issues of Love Marriage?

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Marriage is believed to be a serious agreement of adults to live together for a whole life. It requires dedication, preparations, rights, and rules. When two people enter into marriage they will have to follow it. And it is better to discuss with your partner in advance, that what you want from this relationship and what will be demanded from you. Marriages are of two types:

  • Arrange marriage: Arranged marriages are those where parents decide appropriate life partner for their children. A number of factors are obligatory to decide the suitability of these matches which are based on cultural backgrounds, social status, income, physical appearance and sometimes the amount of dowry.
  • Love marriage: In love marriage, the boy or girl chooses his or her life partner. In love marriage, no elderly supervision is involved. In love marriage, overall compatibilities in terms of lifestyle, interests, and hobbies are considered.

In India, the idea of love marriage is still not acceptable to many of the parents. They don’t feel comfortable where love proceeded before marriage and still believe in an arranged marriage. But the problems arise with those couples who love someone but their parents oppose their relationships. They face problems in their love marriage path.

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