Why married people cheat in the happy loving married life?

Why married people cheat in the happy

Why married people cheat in the happy loving married life?

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There are many reasons due to which couples cheat in the happy married life. There are several risk factors and the personality disorders and childhood issues and as well as opportunities such as social media and poor boundaries, can increase the chance that one of these reasons will actually lead to some type of affair.

Here we are providing number of risk factors and causes for cheating, but it’s important to point out upfront that a partner doesn’t cause their spouse to cheat. Whether it was a cry for help, an exit strategy, or a means to get revenge after being cheated on themselves, the cheater alone is responsible for cheating.


There are some of the substance and the abuse issues is also considered as the problem in the loving relationship for cheating. Alcohol, in particular, can reduce inhibitions so that a person who wouldn’t consider having an affair when sober, may cross the line.

Previous cheating

The saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” is more than an old wives’ tale. It was the first to evaluate the credibility of this saying.In this study, those who were involved in an extramarital affair were three times more likely to repeat the behavior in their next relationship.

Childhood trauma

Having a history of childhood trauma (such as physical, or emotional abuse or neglect) is associated with a higher chance that a person will cheat and you can take help of best astrologer.

Exposure to infidelity in childhood

Previous experience with cheating can also increase the risk of infidelity. It is found that children who are exposed to a parent having an affair are twice as likely to have an affair themselves.

Mental illness

Some mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder are a risk factor for cheating in marriage.

Risk Factors Within a Relationship

Problems in the marital relationship can also be a risk factor for cheating. Some of these include:

  • Domestic violence and emotional abuse
  • Emotional and/or physical disconnect
  • Financial pressures
  • Lack of communication can cure by love spells
  • Lack of respect

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