Is it possible to move on when you still have feeling for ex?


Is it possible to move on when you still have feeling for ex?

Relationship May 6, 2021 No Comments

When you have feelings for your ex, it means that you miss the good times you shared and you want to get back to that place. The thing is, there is something very important that a lot of people in your position don’t realize. Life had to go through various hardships in your life. And one of the hardships is going through a bad breakup. Breakup makes the life hell and to move out from this hell you have to do many efforts. But these efforts will really help you in the betterment of your life.

Here are some tips that you can make use of in case you have recently broken up with your love and are trying to move on although being aware of the fact that you still love him or her:

  1. Spend time

It is essential to spend time alone to think about what went wrong that you can’t save your relation anymore. Break up gives some valuable lessons to you so that you don’t make the same mistakes in the future.

  1. Do not blame yourself

There is no need of feeling guilt when you are unable to make things work out. If you know that you have given your hundred percent towards your relation to last, then stop feeling guilty over nothing. However there are some of the couples are breaking up because of their ego, so if you want to get your lost love back then try to contact to her or him.

  1. Do your hobbies

To divert your mind it is essential that you start doing your favorite hobbies. It is vital to do any kind of hobby you have that makes you happy. You need to keep your mind away from all the things that happened in your life.

  1. Go outside

It is essential to meet with your friends so that they help you out in any situation. Meet them over lunch or dinner, or simply go out for a walk with them so that you can feel better. You can take help of astrologer to deal with issues.

  1. Do not make fast decision

It is essential to understand that you should not make any decision too fast. After a tough break up, people are generally come in relation with someone else to forget his or her partner. Making such a decision is not the best way to move on and can create problems later on.

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