Surefire tricks to find true love, do this remedy

find true love

Surefire tricks to find true love, do this remedy

Love Problem Solution May 1, 2021 No Comments

Who does not want to get true love? It is due to love that there is sweetness in the relationship. Love can happen to anyone, whether it is parents or siblings. But everyone knows that when it comes to love relations for marriage, family and relatives often try to avoid it. But lovers keep trying to prove their love. Many times it happens that the lover whom he loves does not understand his love. In this special story, we are telling you, by taking some measures, along with your lover, your family and relatives will also accept your love. Let’s know about the way to find true love.

Astrology remedies to find true love

  • Strengthen the planet Venus in the natal chart helps to resolve love problem.
  • Take measures to make the fifth house and its owner more powerful in the horoscope.
  • Make sure the peace of the planet located in seventh house and seventh house. Lovers do not donate black items to each other. Give red, pink and yellow items as gifts.
  • The girl should wear green bangles in her hands and yellow clothes on Thursday.
  • Try to meet the loving couple on Friday and full moon day.
  • Take remedies for the peace of Kalsarp Dosh in the horoscope. Take measures to get rid of Mangal Dosh in the horoscope.

Way to find true love in Vastu Shastra

  • According to the astrologer there is no toilet or kitchen in the south-west direction of the house.
  • Do not put red color in the south-west direction of the house for the intensity of love.
  • To find true love, place a pair of love birds in the southwest direction.
  • To strengthen the love relationship, do not have blue color in the south or south-west direction.
  • The house should not have a bedroom in the east or northeast direction.
  • Keep a photo of your favorite in the North or North-West direction.
  • Keep your love letters in the north-west direction.

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