Vashikaran Tricks of Lal Kitab to Control Someone

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Vashikaran Tricks of Lal Kitab to Control Someone

Vashikaran Jul 31, 2021 No Comments

Today everyone wants that every person who comes in contact with him should be influenced by him, listen to him, be under his control and for the fulfillment of all these desires, he tries many ways, Uses tricks and takes recourse to the actions of tantra-mantras. If any similar desires have made a home in you and you also want to do something similar, then today we have brought for you the vashikaran tricks of Lal Kitab. By trying them, one can fulfill the wish of his mind, provided that no experiment is ever adopted due to any bad feeling.

So take it, for your success, here are the vashikaran tricks of Lal Kitab which are given below-

  1. If husband misbehaves towards you then you can use this to control him by eliminating husband wife problem. You should do this in Shukla Paksha only. Take a betel leaf on this day. Mix saffron and sandalwood powder and put it on it. Recite Chandi stotra daily for 42 days and after reciting it daily, put a mixture of saffron and sandalwood on a leaf and rest it on your brain and go in front of your husband. Before reciting daily, remove the old leaf and keep the new leaf and keep collecting the old leaf together. When the lesson is over, that is, after 42 days, throw all the collected betel leaves into the running water. This trick of Lal Kitab’s Vashikaran Totka is very effective
  2. On the midnight of Thursday or Friday, when your husband is sleeping, cut some hair from his head and keep it hidden somewhere. Keep it in a place where no one can see it. After a few days, remove these hairs and burn them silently and throw their ashes out of the house by crushing them with their feet, your husband will start obeying everything you say.
  3. Break the pomegranate twig and bring it to Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra. Show it incense and tie it in your right arm. By wearing it, all the people who come in contact with you will be bound by the charm of your captivity.
  4. If any man or boy wants to control a woman or girl, then he should wear an emerald ring in the finger of his hand. On the contrary, if a woman or girl wants to subdue a man or a boy, then she has to wear a diamond ring. For further more information consult vashikaran specialist
  5. Collect ingredients like red sandalwood, cornice, vermilion, cardamom etc. and grind it. Make incense from the mixture obtained from it. Treat this incense in front of the woman whom you want to tame, she will be subdued.
  6. Worship Lord Krishna in the morning on any Friday. On the same day, take three cardamoms at night and keep them touching your body and keep them with your husband when he sleeps. On the second day i.e. Saturday morning, grind these cardamoms and make their powder. Mix it with some food and feed it to the husband, he will remain under your control and if he is not in control then he will be.

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